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Lancaster, CA 93535                                                                                                                                                                          

Born in 1950, Thai-Binh, Vietnam. Moved to South Vietnam in 1954. Father was a non-commission officer in the South Vietnamese Army, as a result moved around South Vietnam a lot. Finally settled in Gia Dinh Province (Nga Tu Bay Hien area) in 1960.


High School Attended: Dac Lo, Quoc Gia Nghia Tu, Ho Ngoc Can (First Baccalaurate), Chu Van An (Second Baccalaureate, “Binh”. 1968).


University: 1st year, Law School, University of Saigon, Faculty of Law, 68-69.


South Vietnamese Air Force:

-         Entered in March 1969

-         Basic training: Class of 3/69, Quang Trung

-         Officer training: Class of 69B, Nha Trang

-         Training in the United States: July 1970- Feb 1972

o       Lackland AFB, TX: Defense Language School (English training)

o       Randolph AFB, TX: T-41 flying training

o       Keesler AFB, MS: undergraduate pilot training, T-28, Class of 72-02

o       Hurlburt Field, FL: A-1 combat training

-         530th Fighter Squadron, 72nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 6th Air Division, Pleiku, Feb 72-Feb 74

-         518th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, 3rd Air Division, Bien Hoa, Mar 74- Apr 75

-         Aircraft Flown: T-41, T-28, A-1, A-37 (transitioned and soloed in Da Nang, early 1975). About 1000+ flying hours with approx. 400 combat sorties. Rank when left Vietnam: 1st Lieutenant.


United States:

-         Came to the US in April 1975 and resided in Columbus MS (sponsored by a former pilot instructor)

-         Got married in 1977

-         Schools attended in the US:

o       BS in Aerospace Engineering (Magna Cum Laude), 1982, Mississippi State University

o       Master in Mechanical Engineering with minor in Aerospace Engineering, 1986, Mississippi State University

o       Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2002, Webster University

-         Have been working for the USAF since May 1983:

o       Weapons aerodynamic engineer

o       Weapons integration test engineer

o       Project manager

o       Branch chief

o       Deputy division chief

o       Authored/co-authored three USAF published technical reports and several unpublished technical working papers


Loc -- Keesler 1971

Loc --- Nha Trang, 1969

Loc --- Pleiku, 1972, 530th

Loc --- Bien Hoa, 1974, 518th

Loc -- USAF, 1999

Loc & wife, 1998